Protect the Quality of Your Investment

Truly a mark of distinction your cedar roof imparts a look of quality and beauty few other roof coverings can match.  It protects you and your home from harsh environmental elements and pollutants.  After a short time, however, even the most expensive cedar roof will begin to show signs of deterioration from the constant onslaught of sun, water, mold, fungus, wind, rain, and insects.

Sun and Water

The relentless pounding of the hot summer sun bakes out that natural oils and resins that are essential to cedar’s durability and life.  The loss of these oils and resins leaves the wood brittle and dry, causing it to split, crack, and curl.  In this condition, your cedar shakes become extremely vulnerable to attack from water, rot, decay, and insect infestation.

Water can also cause severe problems.  Cedar shakes need to dry out or they will rot.  When rot sets in, moss and mold proliferate, accelerating the rot.  It is essential to your cedar shake roof’s life that it be sealed and preserved.

Don’t be Fooled

The rustic look that moss and mold add to your roof’s appearance are literally eating away your cedar roof’s life.  The green / gray color your roof takes on is actually due to colonies of moss, mold, mildew, and fungus that are feeding on the carbohydrates in the wood fibers.  This results in the destruction of the wood fibers, which is the direct cause of increased water absorption and decay.  You are then left with premature roof failure and the expense of a new roof.

There is a Solution

Now you can restore, protect and double the life of your cedar roof with Cedar Savers Restoration.  Cedars Savers Treatment actually replaces the natural oils and resins stripped away by the environment.  At the same time, Cedar Savers Treatment seals the wood, creating a protective barrier between the wood fibers and elements outside.  The result is a natural looking cedar roof that will develop the beautiful “silver patina” as it ages.

The Formula

The Cedar Savers formulation is a clear, tested and classified, environmentally safe, liquid solution.  The Cedar Savers proprietary formula is based on aminoplast resins and spatial amines that serve to protect the wood from degradation caused by fungus, mold, and mildew.  Further degradation of the wood is extensively curtailed through the aminoplast resin’s ability to absorb the damaging energy of the sun’s UV rays.  In addition, Cedar Savers formula as a unique ability to expand and contract as your cedar roof goes through freeze, and thaw cycles, thus keeping the water seal intact and moisture out.

How Cedar Savers Works

  • ·     Cedar Savers is applied in its liquid form.  It deeply penetrates and saturates the wood, bonding to the wood fibers.

  • ·     Cedar Savers reconditions, replacing the natural oils and resins, and seals the wood, creating a protective barrier against fire, sun, water, and decay.

  • ·     Cedars Savers strengthens the wood, virtually reducing the damage caused by the physical and chemical assaults of the environment.  It’s restorative formula revived as the natural beauty and integrity of the wood as it protects against the hazards of moisture, decay, fire, and UV rays.

  • ·     Cedar Savers uses no paint, tints, dyes, or colorants.  Your roof will develop the Cedar Savers natural, elegant, “silver patina” look instead of turning blotchy and fading.


Give us a call at 612-798-5633 before you buy a new roof.  We can often extend the life of your roof for 5 - 10 years.  We will replace shingles in areas that have rotted out or are causing leaks as part of our treatment process.  Our work is guaranteed for 5 years.


Cedar Savers restorative process is effective only on those roofs that have not deteriorated beyond repair.  Don’t delay.  A difference of 1-2 year can be the difference between saving your roof through restoration or losing it through neglect.



Roof Damage

This roof has many years of life left if properly treated.


Treatment Process


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